Follow the Money...connect the dots

  • Do you recognize the names in the center of the circle?
  • Have you ever seen a commercial on TV or in a magazine that says “if you cannot afford your prescription drugs or your cancer treatment medication, contact us, we have a program to assist you”? (This commercial is sponsored by Astra Zeneca Syngenta),
  • Have you ever heard of an herbicide called “Atrazine”? (This is one of the oldest herbicides used in corn production and it is made by Astra Zeneca Syngenta.
  • Did you know Astra Zeneca Syngenta is the # 3 producer of GE crops in the world?
  • Have you ever heard of Bayer Crop Science, the makers of Aztec insecticide and Liberty Herbicide and genetically engineered crops?
  • Are you familiar with Pfizer Pharmacia UpJohn?
  • Did you know they were the parent company of Monsanto at one time and still own >50% of their stock?

Courtesy of Howard Vlieger