Glyphosate is a slow acting tasteless poison to humans and it is the main ingredient our most popular herbicide - Roundup®. It is applied directly to genetically modified crops to kill the weeds and it can’t be easily removed by peeling and scraping, as it gets into the cells of the crops during application. Glyphosate is presently in ~80% of the foods we eat in the U S and there is now compelling evidence it is responsible for the alarming rise in autism

Autism was very rare in 1970, with a rate of about one child in 10,000. In early 2014, according to the CDC, one in 68 kids were diagnosed with autism. The correlation between the rise in autism and the use of glyphosate is almost perfect - 99.4 percent. Glyphosate disrupts our beneficial gut bacteria and interferes with the body's ability to distribute minerals. The toxicological effects of glyphosate can explain all the known features of autism.

A straightforward extension of the curve produced by the CDC predicts that the autism rate will be 50% for children born in the year 2032, if the “Root Cause” is not fixed and the trend continues. Our world will be different if glyphosate continues to be added to our crops and food. The case against glyphosate is now very strong, based on science instead of the emotional arguments used by “Big Ag” management. The World Health Organization recently declared glyphosate as a probable carcinogen for humans. It also harms our pets and contributes to the decline of many beneficial species, such as Monarch butterflies, honeybees, Purple Martins, etc.

In 2006 – 2008, about 1 in 6 children in the U S had a developmental disability similar to a mild form of autism, such as speech impairment, which is not included in the above prediction. Other kids torment kids with autism, in a public school system. At least today, there are special schools, however the CDC estimates that autism can cost an average family up to $60,000 extra per year, which causes many families a very difficult struggle to properly care for their child with autism.

U S Health care expenses have grown much faster than the rest of our economy in recent decades. While our wages have increased 16%, our health care cost has skyrocketed by 818%. The “Root Cause” is not a rise in hospital profits, drug prices, or doctor’s salaries since they are almost flat during the same time frame. The “Root Cause” is certainly an environmental problem. Other countries such as Germany, Japan, Norway, etc., are not experiencing this alarming rise in health care cost. The main difference is that there is much less commercial cultivation with glyphosate at the present time in these other countries. Glyphosate is the only poisonous chemical that is added to our foods in the U S and is on the rise in our society. Glyphosate has excellent correlation to our many health issues.

Over thirty US health issues, such as autism, Alzheimer’s, certain cancers, dementia, diabetes, intestinal infections, kidney disease, sleep disorders, etc., are all rising at alarming rates. These health issues correlate very well with the increased use of glyphosate, and the top 20 have a correlation from 89.6 to 99.4 percent, which are all excellent. Glyphosate is certainly the major contributing factor leading to the fact that the US health care cost are significantly higher than those of all other developed nations. One example is Japan, which has 2.77 times less health care cost than the US, and their lifespan is +3.4 years longer. When Japanese migrate to the US, their health deteriorates, which means the “Root Cause” is not heredity.

An estimated 728,800 million $ per year in exploding health care cost could be saved, if we would just ban glyphosate, similar to DDT, and reverse this terrible trend back to our 1980 levels of US health issues assuming we are just 50% successful. This is 1.45 times the 2014 defense budget or ~$6,268 per family yearly cost savings in health care. This neglects an improvement in our infant mortality rate since these infants become productive members of our society. The present rate in the U S is an embarrassment of 6.7 per 1000, which is ~1.9 X worse than Germany’s rate (3.46 per 1000).

Many farmers still use glyphosate today without knowing the risk to our children and families.

The cost to ban glyphosate is not as high as claimed by “Big Ag” management. Some farmers are already banning glyphosate -- only to reduce their overall cost. Conventional seeds cost less than “Roundup® Ready” seeds (~8.5% versus ~15.7% of the total crop cost). Yields are actually improved ~4% without glyphosate by rotation of the fields to reduce weeds and the additional cost of glyphosate is ~4.25% of the total cost of our crops. These effects offset the increased tilling expense to reduce the weeds. Banning glyphosate estimated total cost is from -2.3% to +8.8%, depending on the type of weed and removal method. Today’s weeds are becoming more resistant to glyphosate, which is requiring more applications and cost or the addition of a stronger herbicide such as 2,4-D, a component of “Agent Orange”. “Agent Orange” caused the illnesses and suffering of ~3 million people before it was banned.

A new robotic weeding machine designed and developed by Iowa State University has already been successfully field-tested. It has the potential to negate any cost increase at all, and has not been included in the above cost estimates. A fully automatic robotic GPS guided weed tiller has the potential to reduce total cost by -11.73% from the present cost with glyphosate. “Big Ag” management has exaggerated their cost savings estimate as a “Sales Gimmick” in their favor to increase their profits and increase our fear factor.

Why is it so hard to ban glyphosate? Iti s one of the biggest rackets in human history, à la “Big Ag”, “Big Pharma”, and the FDA with Many in Congress turning a blind eye and influenced by lobbyist and extra money.

Future historians will write in disbelief about our willingness to sacrifice our children and jeopardize our existence, just to increase the profits of “Big Ag” management. We must reverse this terrible trend and Ban Glyphosate Now - and also other future toxins in our food (2,4-D, Dicamda, etc).

We need to find the path back to safe, sustainable agricultural methods, without unknowing eating poison in our food. If Google can test driverless cars on our roads, certainly we can have a driverless GPS controlled tiller eliminating weeds in the farmer’s fields.

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